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If you are in a position where your own presenting ability will impact on the messages that you're trying to convey, then is't it worth investing in making it as effective as possible?

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  • It is estimated that there are 30,000,000 PowerPoint presentations created every single day (Ian Parker, The New Yorker). That’s a lot of slides.

    If so much communication relies on PowerPoint to enhance and build on the spoken message, why do so many presentations fail to engage their audiences? What is it about the sight of a presenter firing up their presentation on a computer that so effectively causes so many audiences to roll their eyes and disengage pretty much immediately?

  • PowerPoint is a great presentation aid and is able to transform even the most uninteresting subject (and presenter) into an engaging and informative event, but for a large proportion of presentations, the cold hard fact is that it doesn’t. But hey, don’t get all antsy with the software because it isn’t PowerPoint that’s to blame, but the way it is used; and that is what The Presenter’s Handbook is all about.